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St. Louis Chiropractor | Dr. Richard Solom

The road to chiropractic…

As an adolescent, I suffered from horrible lower back pain. My parents sent me to orthopedic surgeons and neurologists. They meant well, but they had no answers. The outcome of these visits was always the same…. bed rest and medications. They did not understand the cause of my symptoms.

Chiropractic As a Career

Two of my closest friends were in accidents. One of them, an electrician, fell through the roof during a job and severely injured his lower back. After weeks in the hospital in traction, and prescribed dangerous medications, he was no better than when he first injured himself. He told me he was going to see a Chiropractor. I went with him to his visit and learned about Chiropractic, and the “get to the cause” philosophy.

The same occurred with my other friend who was in a car accident. After two weeks of hospitalization, she went to a Chiropractor.

The results were ASTOUNDING!

I finally decided to try Chiropractic!

My spinal pain was finally resolved, by correcting the “cause” of my symptoms instead of just covering up the symptoms with medications.

I knew that I could fulfill my desire to help and nurture others with a safe, natural, and intelligent approach to healthcare, by choosing Chiropractic as my career.

Chiropractic Education

I attended Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, MO.

Logan is considered to be one of the most academically challenging, and prestigious Chiropractic schools, and it was very challenging. I received an excellent education which accentuated problem-solving skills as well as teaching me a variety of adjusting techniques. I worked (under the supervision of the clinic director) to develop cervical spine adjusting techniques that are unique. I learned intricate palpatory techniques that allow me to identify numerous findings using my fingers as my sight.

I received an excellent and well-rounded education from a very prestigious institution.

Chiropractic Philosophy

I am naturally a very caring, nurturing individual. Our office is like a big family, and we consider our patients a part of our family.

We focus our initial objectives on relieving our patients’ pain and symptoms.

We then focus on the correction of spinal dysfunction.

We care for our patients with the same attention and efforts we would provide to our own family members, and we get results!

Our office is equipped with excellent and modern equipment and technology, however, ‘THE SPINAL ADJUSTMENT’ is the center point of our care. We work with rehabilitative exercise maneuvers that compliment the adjustments.

On a personal note…

I am proud of my wonderful family. My wife and I will be celebrating our “38th” anniversary this year.

We enjoy spending most of our free time with our wonderful children and grandchildren. We consider our children our ‘best friends.’ Our children and their spouses have given us four beautiful grandchildren whom we adore beyond words!

I get adjusted on a weekly basis, as being a Chiropractic physician can be extremely stressful to my spine. I eat a healthy diet, low in carbs, and I take appropriate supplements to further my health. I exercise using light weight resistance and martial arts calisthenics.

I believe medicine has its place, for health conditions that have advanced beyond the body’s recuperative ability. Your body is the best physician, and my job is to remove the factors that interfere with the body’s expression of it’s own intelligence. I believe that antibiotics interfere with developing natural immunity, however, some health issues warrant the use of medications. The same holds true for vaccinations. I believe that while certain vaccines can be beneficial, some are dangerous and should be avoided. My patients should be educated and make their own decisions regarding their health.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about our office and our approach to health. I look forward to meeting with you, in person, so that we can discuss your specific health concerns, and the options that would be the best for your individual needs. Give our St. Louis chiropractic office a call so that we can help you achieve better health, naturally.

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